Why retail Traders fail in trading!!!

Trading like any other profession needs the basic education and lots of experience to be successful. A good doctor/engineer is not born overnight. There is lot of pain and many years of hard work behind his/her success. When it comes to trading people starts trading/investing very soon after they read about an inspiring story of an investor or heard about trading from their friend. A good investor/Trader became very successful only after their many years of hard work and dedication on this subject. Many successful people in this field had been broke/blowed their trading account many times during their initial stage.
Have you ever thought when we are entering a trade we trading against the best minds in this field. We are trading against the market makers. We call them altogether the FII&DII. These guys are very smart and they have more information than us and some of them even are using high frequency trading strategies. So to beat them we should need a good trade plan and disciplined mind set.

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